30th May 2014

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Boosh Photo Challenge Day 29: Booshlrs!!

Before the photo challenge I really only knew a handful of Booshlrs but I’ve since found and followed lots more! To say thank you for welcoming me into the community and taking the time to look at the things I’ve posted, I’ve done really bad drawings for a few of you. I hope you like them and please don’t be offended by my crude rendition of your name.

I’m so glad to have met you all!! And it’s been so fun to get to see little glimpses into everyone’s lives.

(If I didn’t draw one for someone, I’m sorry! I kind of ran out of room on the card. Please don’t hate me!)

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    I’m so glad you guys like them! My doodles might not be fine art but I like them ;)
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    fjdksajf;dasfda I JUST SAW THIS! haha so cuuuute!
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    ahhhh!!!! i love this!!!
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    Aww, this is fantastic! My day just improved 500%. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Thanks so much!! :D
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    Ahhh shucks - thanks lovely. And you captured my best side. xx
  7. worriedeye said: Ahhh shucks - thanks lovely. And you’ve captured my best side. xx
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    This is SO sweet, and so cute! Thank you!!! I am so glad you’re here. :D
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    It’s like looking in a mirror! This is adorable!!!
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    LOVE. IT. Thank you! xo
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    AAHHHHH It’s me!! Thank you! :)
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    Oh my goodness, it’s me!!